The Super IC Copicat

Note the open-topped brackets.
Version one is a 5 head machine. Head 1 is an ERASE and a RECORD
head in a single housing, known as a "Combination" or "Combo" head.
The other four are all playback heads.

The Combo / Combination head is no longer available.
If you have one of these machines and head 1 is worn or faulty, you will need to convert it to a 6 head unit,
like the one below with an ERASE head mounted on the right with an additional bracket.

Below is the later 6 head Super IC

L to R the heads are RECORD, PLAYBACK x 4 and finally the ERASE head.

For a full set of replacement heads for either machine you will need Head Kit CTH-3-Super IC.
(five) CTH-3RP heads (Record Playback)
(one) CTH-3E (Erase)
(one) Bracket and shims. Total Price £102.50

Instructions provided for both types.
State if converting a five head unit.