Amp-Fix Replacement Tape Heads for all valve Copicats

I am pleased to announce the arrival of long awaited replacement Record & Playback head options suitable for all valve Copicats, MKI, MkII & The Custom MKIII valve Copicat.
Basically there were two types of heads fitted to valve Copicats. The earlier type were Marriott in enclosed housings with integral fixing lugs, and the later ones were BSR heads held in place by a separate top hat shaped saddle bracket.

Option 1 - Marriott : Service exchange.

CTH1-MSE Is a ready assembled head fitted to original Marriott housings, retaining as near as possible the original look of the Marriott heads. These I can offer from stock on a one for one exchange basis. I am offering this service at £60 per head with a £20 refund on receipt of your original head/s or complete housing/s which must be with no broken lugs and in a resalable condition. Rusty, dented or damaged housings will be rejected.

Set of four £240. Refund on receipt of your heads or housings £80 subject to condition. Total cost per set of four £160. Individually £40 each.

Because a minority of people fail to return their old housings for refund it has become necessary to increase the deposit, and impose a six week time limit on the return. The time limit will start from the recorded date of delivery. We will not be able to continue this service without original housings. If we run out of them it’s because some customers do not send them back!
Hopefully a £20 refundable deposit will be a bigger incentive to do so.

IMPORTANT: When returning items for refund you MUST INCLUDE YOUR NAME, INVOICE NUMBER AND IF POSSIBLE AN ORDER NUMBER. I received four heads from the USA on the 24th June 2020 without any of the above information. Without it I can’t trace the invoice or customer to issue the refund.

Option 2 - Marriott

CTH1-MO2 This option is for Amp-Fix to assemble the heads to your own housings for you, ready for fitment by yourself or your service technician. You send me your old head units, you get them back ready to go with new heads fitted.

Set of four £160, or individually £40 each. Turnaround time max 10 days.

Option 3 - Marriott: Service Kit

CTH1-MSK This option is a kit consisting of a head with wires attached together with a set of shims and instructions for you to install the heads into your own Marriott housings.

Set of four kits £160, or individually £40 each.

Please Note: The following can also be used to replace the above. If you chose to replace any of the above types with those below I would be happy to make an allowance for any worn or non working Marriott heads you might have as long as the housings are in good condition.

Option 4 - Saddle Bracket fittings.

CTH1-HK4 This option offers a set of four heads with wires attached, four stainless steel saddle brackets and four plastic packing shims and plastic base plates.
For this option it is recommended to fit a complete set of four.

Set of four £160       or individually, £40 each (see note below)

CTH1-HK1 If you need to replace just one or two heads, change the last number according to how many you want,
state at the time of ordering and we will supply shims to centralise the head in the bracket to align with your remaining original heads. Or copy and paste this to your order form with the quantity required.

Below is an image of the two types of head normally fitted to valve Copicat echo units.

If yours has a mixture of both then one or more has been replaced.
I would suggest in that case you fit the set of four, CTH1-HK4.

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