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Amp-Fix offers a Copicat spares service to help you keep your machine in good working order and cosmetic condition. It has now become uneconomical for us to process and post low value single items.
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We like to help but are neither a professional full time parts organisation or a charity.

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Things don't always happen immediately in Devon, so unless urgent it could take a few days to respond.

Genuine WEM Copicat tape loops. Fit all models.
Sold only in multiples of 20.  Box of 20  £28
Shipping charges
UK Small Parcel up to 2Kg including £1.25 shipping tube
1st Class £5.45 2nd Class £4.74 With proof of postage
EU up to 250g International Tracked £13.15
Non EU World Zones International Tracked £16.75
Up to 10 boxes of loops will ship at the above rates + £2.50 insurance for 3 or more boxes. We do not mark up P & P prices. What you pay is what we pay.
All overseas to be International Tracked to delivery address supplied.
Be aware, there may be duty or tax to pay on overseas deliveries.
Check with your local delivery or customs office.

MKIV Lid catches.
These catches are of the same type fitted to the later MKIV Solid State Copicats, earlier versions were fitted with narrower catches which we have not been able to source.  The catches shown are genuine Cheney catches. 32mm x 26mm.   £6.95 per set of two catches
Screws not supplied.


IC-300 and IC-400 Varispeed Copicat lid catches.
Original NOS parts. Larger than above 40mm X 30mm.

£7.95 per set of two catches.

IC-300, IC-400 & Super IC lift off Lid Hinges,
32mm x 38mm, Identical to the Cheney brand.

£5.25 per set of two hinges.


Super IC Copicat units.  Original catches no longer available.
These are identical except they have locks.
£12.95 per set of two catches.

Also suitable for motor cycle panniers.


I have a quantity of the nickel plated smaller catches type 3411
as on the side of Mk1 & Mk2 Copicats. See picture below.

Toggle Catch 3411

Dimensions 34mm long x 16.5mm wide (at the centre pin)  £5.75 each
Please note: Only available in NICKEL.
Suitable for snooker or pool cue cases.

Copicat Replacement Handles

Fits Solid State Copicat MK3 and MK4 & the Custom Copicat
Will fit MK2 valve Copicats but only available in black. Gold end caps available at extra cost, see below for details.   £8.50  each.

Fits the IC300/IC400/Super IC Copicat ranges.
3 in stock  £14.50 each.

Reproduction brass handle end caps ideal to smarten up your old Copicat, Westminster or Clubman amplifier. These will also fit the CRH-01 handles listed above, but they are an additional part not manufactured by the company who make the handles! 

Pointed end caps £16 per pair.

Squared end caps £9 per pair

Click the image to see how they look fitted to the above handle.

As fitted to some Super IC 5 Head Copicats and most w-e-m
Amplifier and Speaker Cabinets and equipment from 1970 - on.

In stock at   £15.25 each

As shown only. No other colours or gold fittings.

Suitable replacement DP switched pots for the
MKII & Custom Copicat Swell On/Off.

Alpha 470K log RS 500K Log either will be fine.
NOS, a limited number available.

Difficult to find these days, either type £20 each.

Panel lamps, to fit the Copicat Mk3/ Mk4 Solid State original 12.7mm hole size

PL1 - 230V ac One in stock, once sold will be discontinued. £12.95

PL2 - 230V ac Red Neon Chrome bezel. Friction fit with wires. £9.85
  (Best visual option)

PL3 - 230V ac Red Neon no bezel. Snap fit with spade terminals. £4.55

Click the image to see how they look fitted to a front panel.

PL4 - Lampholder with clear lens.

NOS (not repro). Direct replacement panel lampholder and clear lens for MES panel lamps, similar to those fitted to valve Copicats, Westminster and Clubman amps and also Vox and other '60s amps.

  £18 each

Panel lamp bulbs for all Valve Copicats.

£1.95 each.

Mk3 or Mk4  Fuse holder.

Supplied with 500mA fuse.

£6.75 each

Lower vents - Black White or Gold.
Not quite the same as the originals but as close as they get.  Fit original screw holes.

£4.75 each

Please note:  I do not have the rear vents for any model of Copicat, but can supply
a piece of mesh, which fitted inside the case looks ok and makes things safe.

VS-BELT - IC 400 Varispeed

SS-BELT - Super Shadow.

£3.75 each  

SE463-Belt now available for the Swissecho 463 at £10 each

IC-300, IC-400 & Super IC Head selector switches.

A direct drop-in replacement for the original switches.

£4.75 each

BLACK pushbuttons set of 4 to fit the IC range of Copicats.

Price per set  £13.80  Not available in RED

IC series Copicats, a Set of 6 replacement knobs with caps.
These knobs, as were the originals, are modified from a 'D' shaft fitting
to a round shaft to fit the pots w-e-m used at manufacture.

Price per set  £21.00
Also available at £3.75 each   (note: minimum order for parts £10)

Please Note: The red caps will not fit the original knobs!

Illuminated Switch
Direct replacement for IC300 and Super IC

£5.80 each

FS-1 Foot Switch
The generic foot switches we were previously selling have since been discontinued.
Amp-Fix commissioned a local metal fabrication company to make a batch of similar housings and for a retro look had them powder coated in GOLD, bought in some decent switches, cable and jack plugs and assembled them ourselves. Unfortunately we are not able to absorb the costs of doing so, therefore we have to set the price at £36  each.

Please note:
We have no original Watkins w-e-m footswitches as they are no longer available.

For those of you brave enough to have a go at a total electronic rebuild of a Copicat,
or just need a project board for something else, this is the exact type tag board as used in the early 1960's MK1 & MK2 machines.  Measures 117mm X 37.5mm
Available with or with out the lower insulating strip.

Including insulation strip.  £5.75 each

PA1 Mk2 Oscillator Coil.

Also fitted to the VOX Long & Short Tom echo units

Sorry, now SOLD, looking for more.

Alternative coils available, see below.

Later Mk2 and Custom Mk3 Oscillator Coil.

Reproduction replacement with instructions.

Will work with VOX Deluxe MK2 echo units, where the secondary coil is NOT used
to drive the erase head. Ask if not sure.

£25 each


Reproduction Acrylic / Perspex "Watkins approved" tension / jockey wheel arms.
A direct replacement for any MK4 Solid State Copicat.

  £18.00 each


Jockey Arm including pins



Jockey arm fully assembled.

Ready to install using your existing
faceplate / fulcrum bearing, lever and spring.


Aluminium tape guide rollers with bushes

   £13.75 each

Faceplate / fulcrum bearing - £24.00


Copicat jockey arm tape tension spring.
Specially made for Amp-Fix to original Watkins / w-e-m spec.

Fits all Copicat models. £4.00 each.

Alnico erase magnets

As fitted to all valve Copicats. Improves erasing and reduces background noise should the original magnet be low on flux strength.
Please note:  Not required for the MKIV Solid State units with an empty magnet chamber.

  £9.62 each.

6BR8A Triode Pentode Record amp/oscillator valve

  £12.75 each.

General Electic NOS 6BR8A (boxed)
Will replace original Brimar 6BR8.

Replacement motor for the Variable Speed IC-400 and Super Shadow units.

A high quality replacement motor. Original type NLA. 32mm X L 44.5mm. Matches the original three point fixing. Lifetime lubrication, 2mm spindle. 5000 rpm. off load. Suppressors not required.
Sorry, recently doubled in price. Looking at other options.      £82 each.

Watkins Copicat Replacement Heads



Replacement heads resin encapsulated in brackets for direct fitment to valve Copicat Mk 1 / Mk 2 / Mk 3 Custom Copicat X 4 at £120
The Shadow Copicat with X 3 heads at £90
Individually £30 each.


Will fit Mk3/Mk4 Solid State (Transistor) machines, IC300.
Set of five with Erase head £150
Set of four (excluding the Erase head) £120
Will also directly replace the Super IC 6 head units and the open top brackets
but will require one extra R/P head.
Full set for the 6 head Super IC would be CTH-3/SS X 5. Plus CTH-3/EE X 1. TOTAL £180.  Deduct £30 if the erase head is not required

CTH-3/EE  Erase Head.

New CTH-3/EE Erase head "encapsulated". Priced at £30


Replacement erase head with packing spacer,
for fitment to customer's original bracket.   £22.50

If you have a Super IC and wish to retain the look of the open top brackets, I have a limited number of similar cassette type heads that will fit your original brackets and will work perfectly ok. While stocks last @ £19.00 each

IMPORTANT: Super IC five head units use a combination Erase/Record head, i.e. two heads in a single housing, for which we have not been able to source a suitable replacement. The alternative option would be to convert the five head unit to a six head. Doing so would mean fitting one R/P (record head) and a separate erase head. It would not simply be a matter of extending wires, some modification to the oscillator would be required.
I am planning an article on the subject, but am happy to advise in the meantime. You need to email me before ordering parts for the Super IC five head machines. They usually have black control knobs.


Kit comprising full set of replacement heads and mounting adaptors for the IC-400    £99.99 per kit  Instructions included.

Click on the image for more details.


Watkins Super Shadow all valve unit - set of 6 heads.
1- Record, 5-Replay. These fit the black anodised head clamp. Can be used in conjunction with the CTH3E Erase head if required, available seperately at £22.50

Set of six heads £108. Or individually at £18 per head.

For the single ECC83 solid state Super Shadow with the red w-e-m logo under Watti the cat on the right-hand side, send an email or give me a call.


If you don't see what you are looking for, don't be afraid to ask. Email I may have something suitable.
Do not use the parts form just to ask questions, I may not give the answer you might expect.
I don't have any original Blue or Cream covering material. If you know where I can source some, then please let me know.


All spares are covered by the Amp-Fix guarantee. Any items found to be unsatisfactory can be returned for a full refund.
I will accept returns of tape echo unit heads providing you have used the leads supplied.
Any that have had other wires soldered to the pins will be rejected.
You must contact Amp-Fix before returning any spares for credit.

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