This is the gripes spot of my web site. If you have anything to moan about in the Wellington area, council, town centre parking, good service, bad service etc. email it to me and I will list it on these pages, for the whole world to see.


Political Correctness!!!

There is an old saying. " When in Rome do as the Romans do " 

What about when in my country,  "ENGLAND" ?


"Health & Safety" !

Has any one fallen over one of these high kerbs that are supposed to make things safer for embarking and disembarking bus passengers ?   Barking mad I call it !  After being dropped off at a bus stop by car, I almost went headlong through a shop window having tripped over just such a kerb.  Someone told me an elderly lady had been taken to hospital the previous week with her face smashed in, where she was told she should be more careful and look where she was going !

I have a few more like this so keep watching.

Dog Shit ! Warnings about your dog, or my dog, crapping all over the place, fines if you don't pick it up etc.  I walked my dog, admittedly mostly in country lanes every day and evening for most of my life.  I don't recall ever stepping in any dog shit.  My dog used to stick his ass right in the hedge to shit, I'm then expected to scratch my hand to hell trying to get the stuff in to a bag to take it home with me or drop it in some stinking bin which hasn't been emptied for months!  I then proceed with our walk looking up in awe at the stars and trip over a heap of horse shit half filling my boots with the stuff!  But that's horse shit so its ok.  Did you ever see a mounted police officer get off his bloody horse and pick up a bin liner full of shit to take home? No way, he, or more likely she just rides on oblivious to what has been left behind for you to trip over or for your dog to rub its neck in and roll all over in it, but look out if he / she clocks your dog having a crap!

Then there are those owners who, just when someone is looking, have to be seen to be doing the right thing.  They pull from their pocket a plastic bag, bend over, and fart whilst at the same time scooping up the dear little pooch's droppings.  They tie a knot in the bag smile at the passer by and walk on whistling and swinging the bag as they go along their way.  When they think no one is looking they then throw the bag containing the recently deposited dog shit up in to a nearby tree or hedgerow, where it snags up in the branches and stays, dangling in the wind with a million other bags until it disintegrates allowing the shit to fall from it on to the ground below. 

If you happen to see a few lumps of dog shit and walk the same route regularly you will notice that after a few days it turns in to a chalky white powder and blows away. Problem solved, no more dog shit!

Many do use the bins provided, and well done to them for that, but on the rare occasions the council decide to empty the bins, they seem to do so on a hot and steamy day, stir it all up to the extent that you can smell dog shit all over the town for hours afterwards!

Which reminds me of a joke about white powdery snuff, but we'll keep that for another day!

And what about cow shit all over the roads, the mess it makes of your nice clean car, shoes, or worse still the baby's pram or pushchair.  As you wait patiently in your car for the cows to pass, the farmers dog comes along and pisses all over your nice clean alloy wheels!  Does the farmer give a toss, does he follow behind his filthy cows cleaning all the shit up?   Does he get letters from the council ordering him to keep the road clean? 

Have you ever followed behind a shit spreader or slurry tanker bouncing up and down, spilling its contents all over the road in front of you?  Does the driver ever pull in to let you pass?  Does the driver even know or care that you are behind him? Do the police ever stop him for fowling the roads?  I don't think so!

While I'm at it, does the farmer give a shit about leaving hedge trimmings, sticks and debris in the road for everyone to drive over, puncturing expensive tyres with his black thorn needles?  (For you city folk black thorn's are like 1" & 1/2" wire nails in the road) It might be a week or two later before you discover a slow puncture.  Your local tyre company refuses to repair it, saying a bead is damaged and they no longer fit tubes to tubeless tyres!  The cost to you then is at least one new tyre, that's if you are lucky.   The farmer will say, "how do you know it was one of my thorn's" or "which cow was it you say shit her self"!!

 I to have to drive up and down these roads day in and day out, so come, you lot I can't be the only one who moans about these things, can I : (  

   Cats also shit in my flower beds all the time but does anyone do anything about that?  No cats are a free spirit they can do what ever they like. But dogs are a different matter, if they do what we all do when nature calls, the owner can soon find himself in the shit! 

No one wants to see dogs mess on pavements, kids playing fields or beaches etc, anyone allowing a dog to do so should have his or her nose rubbed in it, that's the way to teach a dog and I'm sure humans would soon cotton on too!  


The Beam Bridge Hotel

26 June 2007

The miserable old sod has gone. Hooray, but hey, he still leaves a very nasty taste in my mouth.

The hotel has recently been taken over by new people, who have renamed it

 "The Inn At Sampford".

But call it what you like, It'll always be The Beam Bridge to me and I am sure to most of the locals!  Hopefully things should now improve, but I'll probably never set foot in the place again!

The food was crap, and when I complained I was told never to come back.

Well, I'll tell you now, I have been thrown out of far better places than this in my time!

Just a little update note. June 2009. Now renamed The Beam Bridge Inn ! I've still never been back though!

Other venues to eat, in or near Wellington.

The mobile canteen, half a mile further on in the lay-by on the right. No nonsense good value for money food and a hot drink with a smile!

Neptune, the Rockwell Green Fish & Chip Shop the best for miles, left at the lights, between the Spar shop and the Weavers Arms.

The Martlet Inn

Take the turning opposite the Beam Bridge next right through Holywell Lake to Langford Budville where you will find " THE MARTLET INN" on the right. You need look no further for good beers, first class food, brilliant service and a really friendly atmosphere. The only problem, it is full of satisfied customers!


The HUNGRY HORSE, Stone Gallows, Wellington Road, Taunton.

10oz Char Grilled Rump Steak with all the trimmings perfectly cooked £6.99 Good value or what? Washed down with as good a pint of Abbot Ale as you will find anywhere, at £2.35 a pint. Part of the Hungry Horse Group. Check out the menu for yourself with the link below. ---- Management has changed several times since this article, obviously the prices have gone up a little and the place has been refurbished, prior to which it really went down hill. After the refurb, it was as good as you could get anywhere for three times the money.

Sadly soon afterwards the management appeared to change, and it all went down hill yet again, we went back about three times afterwards but it was not good. No senior person appeared to be in charge, and they were understaffed. Only one young girl was trying to serve two bars, and take the food orders at the same time, resulting in long waits for drinks etc. The only real ale pump now Worthington, had run out, and I had to put up with ice cold fizzy rubbish. A great pity because I know this place has the ability to be right up there with the best of them, but places like this do not run them selves, they need good management with good staffing skills. I won't write it off just yet, we will give it a few months and see what happens, but nothing stays the same. 21/05/2009

Tried it several times since with varying results both good and not so good. Still appears to be no one in charge, they are still understaffed, standards have dropped considerably including the hygiene. Bar often just manned (can't think of another word for this) by the one girl. Result, the real ale is always running out. They have not had any at least for my last six visits. I would no longer make a deliberate effort to go there, but might call in if passing by. 18th March 2010.


The Worlds End

Formerly the Heatherton Grange at West Buckland, tried it a couple of times, sorry not impressed.  About a year on, gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it again on Monday evening 18th May 09, It's no better, if anything I would say it's worse than before. Chicken dried up, table sticky, floor looks dirty. As for service well what do you expect these days? Beer's ok, but that's it as far as I am concerned I'll not be spending any more of my hard earned in there.


The Ostler Inn, Uffculme

Just a few miles inside the Devon boarder, well worth a visit, friendly pleasant atmosphere, Bass &  well kept Tawny Bitter. Food well above your average pub grub, with service like you used to get.


Oake Manor Golf Club

Open to non members

"The highly regarded Conservatory Restaurant offers an original dining experience. Whether it is a romantic dinner for two, or Sunday lunch with the family, you can be sure of an idyllic setting and superb menus. The à la carte menu features both traditional favourites and classic dishes, with innovative daily chef specials. The carvery service is always popular."

The above statement was copied from their website.As with all these things they seem to start off well, I now detest the place.

And the beer is  £3.40 a pint !!!!!!!!!! The last time, I only had the one, normally it would have been 3 or 4.  I'm sure I'm not alone so what are they expecting to gain ?