The above logo is a registered design which since 1963 has been, and still is, the company trademark logo of Watkins Electric Music Limited of London England.
Not only is it the registered company trademark logo, it is also the undisputed intellectual property of
Watkins Electric Music Ltd.

It is therefore illegal for any other company or individual to use or claim any rights to its use, either within or outside of the United Kingdom. Indeed there are a few legitimate companies whereby the abbreviation of their company will be w.e.m. but none of those legitimate companies use the above registered company logo in connection with their own businesses. Neither do any of them produce professional sound equipment.

Unfortunately there is a small minority of unscrupulous companies and/ or individuals who are deliberately and illegally using the above logo to feather their own nests with your money by advertising and selling inferior counterfeit products on the back of Watkins Electric Music's good name. Many of these products are manufactured in England and shipped around the globe. This effectively is depriving the trademark owner of revenue by stealing the official logo. It is estimated that over 700 speaker cabinets have been sold under the guise of the brand name. Examples of these fake and unofficial goods are shown below.

None of the branded products above have been authorised by .  Counterfeit equipment in the long term will only raise the profile of the original company who own the original designs. Nobody can ever take that away from them!

For an example of this unauthorised use of the name and logo see here.

The Reissue Watkins Dominator, Westminster & Clubman amplifiers built by John Beer of Amp-Fix are the only products currently licensed and approved by Watkins Electric Music Limited.
This can be verified by telephoning Watkins on +44 (0) 208 6795575