The Watkins Joker

The Joker was a short lived combination of a 30 watt cathode biased amplifier and a Watkins Copicat. Built around 1963/4 Charlie told me this was the most difficult project he manufactured. The setup also incorporated a microphone on a telescopic stand that extended out of the top (not so on this one) making the amplifier dual purpose, an instrument amplifier and pa system, with an integral tape echo. In all a very tidy all round general purpose combination amplifier. Now a highly prized collectors item. I think the microphone was probably omitted from later versions, but is shown on the publicity brochures at the bottom of the page.

The pictures below were listed on eBay during August of 2011 by The Los Angeles Guitar Shop
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All Credits go to Chris Nelson of L A Guitar Shop for his permission to use the following images.

90 GUINEAS !!!


In fairness to the new owner, I'll not tell you how much it sold for.
But I couldn't afford it :-(