VOX AC 30 signed by Dick Denney

Vox AC30 signed by Dick Denny

This is my own VOX AC 30. It dates from 1963, signed for me on the top right by its designer the late Dick Denney. This he did on the occasion of his 80th birthday party on the 24th February 2001 at the sports and leisure centre Hastings. He was taken ill on the night, and sadly passed away just a few months later on the 6th June 2001. It reads, " To John, Best wishes, Dick Denney" My guess is this is the last amp he ever signed.

I have owned and gigged this VOX AC 30 for a good number of years now. It used to belong to Jim Green, the rhythm guitarist in my old band "The Soundimension" . He paid £25 for it around 1968, I can vouch for its history ever since then.

When he first had this VOX , it had one leather handle on one end of the amp. That one was worn through on one end, the other two were missing, the brackets having broken.

I restored this AC 30 to as it is now around about 1995

I recently read somewhere that the AC stood for the fact that it was for operation from an AC power supply.  I do not believe this to be correct. I always understood it originally stood for Amplifier Combination, even though AC30 and AC50 Heads later became available.

This AC30 has since been sold.