pic of Copicat Gold

This is the very last of the Watkins Copicat Echo Units of which just 25 were made during the year of 2010

No longer available, and now confined to the history books.  This was my original page used to advertise the product.

To hear some Shadows style sound clips by Kevin Ball of Canada using his new COPICAT GOLD click the links. 

Kevin Ball sound clip 1

Kevin Ball sound clip 2

Kevin Ball sound clip 3

Kevin has produced and played all sound clips with the Copicat Gold's preloaded patches, as straight out of the box, adjusting only the GAIN & Master volume levels.

Kevin is not a professional musician, he is simply an enthusiastic guitar player much like the majority of us. He has been a customer of mine to whom I have supplied Copicat spares and advice over the last few years or so. He is a keen Shadows fan, who has sent me some samples of his music in the past, now stored in my music files. I must add that his musical taste is not restricted to the Shadows, it covers a wide spectrum including Garry More and Eric Clapton etc.   Below is an unedited testimonial Kevin sent me in an email with his views on the new Copicat Gold.

Hi John,

What pleases me so much about the Gold is that it is capable of giving that warm analogue echo sound where when a string is left to ring you hear NO discrete echo pattern, just a long woody tone that sustains for ever. Then as soon as you mute the string you hear just how much echo you are really using. So many people don't realize that that is the true way to get Shads sounds. However the Gold is the easiest machine EVER to get these sounds from. You could literally unpack it, plug it in, turn it on and play Apache! ( that's the first default patch) Press one button and you have Blue Star and countless others.

Press 4 buttons to load the second bank and you have presets for Wonderful Land, Cosy, Atlantis and many many more. It's the EASIEST EVER. Most of the presets are very very accurate. I've only found one which I slightly disagree with and that's just a simple matter of turning off one head and slowing the speed. The beauty of that is that although it only takes seconds to adjust, you can easily commit the new setting to memory for one button access in the future.
Yes, this machine is the real deal.

Best regards

Kevin Ball.

Due to high production costs, it is unlikely another batch will be made.  Any update to this will be posted here.

The spec:

Contains 10 basic tape echoes which may then be edited and stored in any of the 12 patch memories.

All quarter inch jack connectors. Single input switchable from High impedance for guitar or line inputs to low impedance high sensitivity for low impedance microphones. Direct signal cancel for series/parallel effects loops. Mono/Stereo mode switch. Effect on off button.

Jacks for 4 footswitches which are assignable to any of the patch or control buttons for easy foot operated changes.

Each echo unit has 5 heads with 2 sets of head spacings - these set the basic echo pattern. Each head has editable volume level and may be panned across the stereo image.

Cross stage traversing stereo function helps eliminate many experimental hours to secure within patches for inclusion with a split second recall to a current mixer set up.


Effects include reverb, flanging, phasing, tremolo.

The perfected sounds of Binson - Space Echo - Meazzi etc. PLUS the product of 3 original Watkins Copicats. PLUS A WHOLE BUILT-IN LIBRARY OF EFFECTS.

This is not a mass produced item, it's a "boutique" hand built echo unit produced by Watkins Electric Music, with a direct hands-on approach from Charlie Watkins himself right here in the UK. To date there are just twenty-five in existence, several of which have been sold overseas.

The lucky owner of one of these will have a unique piece of history from the most famous, longest outstanding maker of echo units the world is ever likely to see.  Mr Charles Watkins