Head Kit CTHK IC-400

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The Amp-Fix IC-400 Replacement Head Kit comprises:-
1 x Erase Head, 4 x R/P Heads, a set of 4 mounting saddles, a nut and bolt, and one packing piece.

Designed as a complete replacement set of parts to replace the no longer available original type heads.

The "Erase Head" retains your original mounting plate with the new saddle attached to it using the nut and bolt supplied.

The "Record Head" 2nd left is secured in place with your original top hat/ saddle bracket with the 4mm thick packing piece under the head to maintain height and alignment.

The three "Replay Heads" are a tight fit in the 3 mounting saddles which are all held in place with the original clamp plates. The Allen head clamp screws should be removed as they could damage the heads.

Depending on wear you might be able to retain your original Erase and/ or Record Heads. Some height adjustment may be required, and the price will be adjusted accordingly. It is recommended for best results that the complete kit is fitted.
The full kit of parts is priced at £91.