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Celestion G10 Vintage 80th Anniversary Special Edition

Unused new old stock surplus to requirements. 10" 60 Watts 8 ohms Online prices £67.50
I have two of these in non-original packaging. Priced at £116.00 for the pair or separately at £60.00 each

Celestion G10 Vintage

Celestion G10 60 Watts 8 ohms 10" similar to above: Unused new old stock surplus to requirements.
Online prices around £67.50. Yours for £58.00

Eminence Bass Speakers 10"

Pre-used but in near perfect condition. Removed from a Warwick Bass cab. Been on my shelves for many years, were OEM for Warwick by Eminence, so not listed on the Eminence website. They are marked G1, Impedance 8 ohms. I believe 350 watts. I think this would be very similar to the Eminence Delta 10-B currently listed at £85 by Lean Business.

This pair of speakers I am offering at £120.00 for the pair or individually at £70 .00 each.

Celestion Ten 30 G10-R

This speaker was removed from a new Fender amp which was "upgraded" with a "Jensen" speaker!
The 10" Celestion Ten 30 has barely been used. Rated at 30 Watts 8 ohms
Online prices around £38, Make it yours for just £28.00

Park Marshal pre-used 10" OEM Speaker

Removed from a PARK MARSHALL G 25-R solid state amp scrapped as an unviable repair. The speaker is like new - sounds good: 10", 25 Watts RMS, Impedance 8 ohms. Take it or leave it at just £12.00

FANE 10"

This is an old 10" FANE speaker with an aluminium dust cap. I think came out of a 1970’s scrapped Alligator amp. A rare speaker that may be of interest to someone. Impedance 8 ohms, estimated 25 - 30 Watts. £12.00