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Swissecho Model 463

Swissecho_Front_View Swissecho_Rear_View Swissecho_Tape_Deck_View

Here for sale is a nice original fully working example of a Swissecho 463 tape echo unit marketed by Selmer during the early 1960s. Several versions of the Swissecho were made including a PA system to rival the Meazzi Factotum. This version was made by UNI-TON AG, I believe in Switzerland.

The front panel is more or less self explanatory with push switches to select the various delay options. Above the push switches is a magic eye recording level indicator, which illuminates green when the unit is switched on. The four control knobs are "Modulation", which sets the recording level according to the indication of the magic eye. "Volume" is the reverb/delay/echo volume level. "Duration" a feedback control adjusting the length / duration of the delay, short for a slap-back sound long for a big hall cathedral type of sound. "Tone" includes an on/off power switch and controls the tonal qualities of the echo / recorded sound.
Two slide switches. "Reverb" switches the echo on or off, indicated by the red light above it for the hard of hearing! This can also be switched via a remote footswitch (not supplied) which can be plugged into the rear panel din socket. The "Echo Tape" switch, switches the tape drive on or off, indicated by the white light for those of you who don’t hear too well!

This 463 model has X 4 individual rear panel mounted input sockets each with its own separate gain control, as can be seen in the rear view image. The gain control pot 1 is a replacement, 2, 3 & 4 are original. The "Remote Output" sockets is for a footswitch mentioned above.

This machine is mostly original and has been serviced by Amp-Fix, fitted with a new tape loop fed into the original endless loop spool, a new tape capstan drive belt and a replacement / new Channel 1 gain pot. There originally would have been an aluminium cover / shield over the tape heads serving no significant purpose other than cosmetic. Unfortunately at some time during the past fifty odd years it's gone missing, probably now in someone’s guitar case with him or her wondering what the hell it is!

The Machine comes complete with its original detachable carry handle not shown in the listing. There are more images should you wish to see them, send an email request.

To view a demo click here

This machine is offered here for sale at £750 plus postage at cost.

Boss BR-532 Digital Studio

Boss BR-532 Boss BR-532 rear panel

Boss BR-532 Digital Studio in good cosmetic and working condition. It is a 4 track digital recording studio with 32 virtual tracks and has studio quality effects including COSM guitar/bass amp models. The unit includes 1 x smart media card.
Spec unknown without removing it. Includes its original Boss PSA series AC adaptor.

These have since been discontinued by Boss.

For Sale at £95

Following info from the Boss Info website.

• Compact 4-track digital recorder using SmartMedia storage
• Intuitive, BOSS-style operation for easy recording and mixing
• 4-track simultaneous playback; 32 Virtual Tracks (V-Tracks) for recording
• 32MB SmartMedia card included; expandable using up to 128MB cards
• Sophisticated digital editing including Copy, Move, Paste and Undo
• Insert and Loop effects processors with COSM¬ Guitar Amp Modeling, Bass Simulator and more
• Onboard Rhythm Guide with realistic stereo drum sounds
• Phrase Trainer and Center Cancel functions
• Choice of Guitar/Bass Hi-Z input, XLR and 1/4" Microphone inputs, or stereo RCA Line input
• Optical Digital output for mastering to computer or stand-alone CD burner
• Built-in microphone and battery power for recording on-the-go
• FREE .WAV Converter software for transferring BR-532 tracks and loops to PC and/or burning CDs

Using commercially available SmartMedia - the same cards used for digital cameras - the new BR-532 can record and play back up to four tracks of pristine digital audio.
And with 32 V-Tracks (eight per primary track), you can try alternate takes and solos, or even bounce four tracks to a stereo pair.
A 32MB SmartMedia card is included in the box to get you started.

With the BR-532’s onboard Rhythm Guide, you can play along and record with realistic drum grooves and sounds in a variety of musical styles including rock, blues, jazz and more. Use them as a starting point while arranging your song, or combine patterns to create a full rhythm track without a drum machine in sight. And the best part is that no audio tracks are needed!

More info here:

Lots of demo’s on YouTube. Said to be easy to use but me being old I don’t really understand it, but am sure you will. Manual available online.

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