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NOS Panel Lampholder & Lens  £16 each

NOS panel lampholder and clear lens for MES bulbs.
As fitted to valve Copicats, Westminster and Clubman Amplifiers, and also Vox and other '60s amps.

Replacement w-e-m Amplifier and Speaker Cabinet handle  £12.60

As fitted to most if not all w-e-m 1970 - on equipment with the dayglow logo.

As shown only. No other colours or gold fittings.

Generic Footswitch
Foot Switch FS-1. These latching switches are suitable for use with Copicats, Watkins WEM, Selmer and other amps.
The generic foot switches we were previously selling have since been discontinued.
Amp-Fix commissioned a local metal fabrication company to make a batch of similar housings and for a retro look had them powder coated in GOLD, bought in some decent switches, cable and jack plugs and assembled them ourselves. Unfortunately we are not able to absorb the costs of doing so, therefore we have to set the price at £36 each.

Rare NOS Vintage Handles

Rare NOS Vintage handles, white with gold ends, some age-related 'patina' tarnishing.

£20 each, or two or more at £18 each. Detail photos below:-


Selmer/Watkins Gold Knob Trims

Replacement gold trims to fit knobs used on some vintage Selmer and Watkins equipment.
Very rare. NOS £11.25 per set, 1 outer ring, one centre trim.
Limited number available. Knob not included, shown for display puposes only.

GENUINE RARE Dallas Scala 1960’s Amplifier Script cabinet logo/ badge.
One only   £25

VERY RARE high quality cast Solid Brass VOX amplifier logo.
Removed many years ago from a 1962/3 VOX AC30 to be replaced with a horrible plastic one! Originality questionable, the only one I've ever seen. A one off that will make your Vox amp that little bit different to anyone else's. Definitely one only.  Includes the original brass screws.
Left un-polished for you to decide.
 Open to offers

Early type '59 - '63 AC15/30 brass vents high quality reproduction, identical to the originals shown below for comparison, which are not for sale. The end four slots are masked by the fixing tangs which bend outwards to hold them in place. You don’t bend these more than you have to otherwise they break off. Any Vox owner, enthusiast would know that, but I thought it worth a mention, as we don't want people crying over spilt milk or broken tangs!
£34.50 for the set of three. Only one set available.

Finally, I have an original Daimler 2.5 V8 boot lid Script logo from a 1965 double bumper model with a central "Disc Brakes" warning sign, even though you could never stop the darned things, it looked impressive! I’m afraid the two badges are all I have left of it as I scrapped the car due to a serious amount of "tin worm". The bonnet D emblem I reluctantly fitted to a 1970 SWB Daimler Sovereign I used as a show and wedding car. The flying D provided a hole at the front of the bonnet for the ribbons to go through 😀
For the Logo £38 and the V8 £10 or £45 for both.

Not shown, but images available, I have two original log books MK2 Jaguar 2.4 Ltr 1960 reg # 148 HYD
The car was Powder Blue with sun visors set into the headlining.
And 99 YTF. Again 2.4Ltr 1962 Gunmetal grey, metallic. I think one green continuation log book, the other beige. If of interest - open to offers.. Unfortunately DVLA no longer have record of the numbers.
How I wish I still had them now and my '62 Stratocaster to go with them!