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NEW FOR 2020

Replacement w-e-m Amplifier and Speaker Cabinet handle  £11.60

As fitted to most if not all w-e-m 1970 - on equipment with the dayglow logo.

As shown only. No other colours or gold fittings.

Generic Footswitch
Good quality steel housing - will work with any Copicat or Watkins w-e-m amp with tremelo or reverb. Pre-fitted with a 1.7metre lead and a standard 1/4" jack plug, which can be removed for hardwiring to Copicat units or left as is for jack socket options.

Rare NOS Vintage Handles

Rare NOS Vintage handles, white with gold ends, some age-related 'patina' tarnishing.

£18 each, or two or more at £15 each. £80 the lot of six. Detail photos below:-


Selmer/Watkins Gold Knob Trims

Replacement gold trims to fit knobs used on some vintage Selmer and Watkins gear.
Very rare. NOS £11.25 per set, 1 outer ring, one centre trim.
Limited number available. Knob not included, shown for display puposes only.