Binson Echorec Memory Units x 2

Binson replacement, or a high quality self-build magnetic drum echo unit.
Once in a lifetime opportunity.

Two NOS Binson memory decks complete with magnetic drum, record head & 4 playback heads, permanent magnet erase head, idler wheel, wiring loom. and Perspex cover. Unused old stock, one with a black drum centre Serial No 8283. The other grey/ silver hammerite finish centre Serial No 8213. P.O.A. Transistor or Valve, not sure could be either or both.

Binson Deck with Cover Binson Deck 8283 Binson Deck underside Black Drum & Heads Deck 2 with cover Binson Deck 8213

Heads Black drum unit. Ser. No. 8283

Record   Screened feeder260mH
Playback 1. Red wire 378mH
Playback 2. White wire 330mH
Playback 3. Yellow wire 268mH
Playback 4. Orange wire 252mH

Black Wire common ground

Heads Grey/ Silver Hammerite drum unit. Ser. No. 8213

Record   Screened feeder239mH
Playback 1. Red wire 256mH
Playback 2. White wire 255mH
Playback 3. Yellow wire 300mH
Playback 4. Orange wire 283mH

Black Wire common ground