The Watkins / w-e-m IC-300 Copicat

The IC-300 dates from the late 70's, featuring solid state technology which differs from the Mk3 and Mk4 units which were also named as the w-e-m Solid State but were all transistor units, while the IC-300, from its name, has been designed with ICs, otherwise known as integrated circuits.  These ICs are single 741 op-amp ICs, 741 being the IC type number.  op-amp =  Operational amplifier.  As stated it is a single op-amp, of which there are four of them in the whole range of IC Copicat machines.  One would be a pre amp, one the record amp, one the playback amp and finally the wet dry mix output amp.
The bias oscillator is a transistor device much the same as the earlier Mk4 units.

The IC - 300 is housed in a simpler new style case still with the traditional storage compartment on the left.


Four input sockets with individual gain controls. An insert socket for an external processor works in conjunction with channel 4. The right hand socket, probably an output, is not factory original, but a later modification by one of its owners.  The tape loop on this one is probably home made and is a tad too long.  The heads left to right are 1 Erase, 2 Record, 3, 4 & 5 are all playback selected in accordance with the first three push switches. The fourth one switches in a capacitor to change the tone of the recorded output.  The right hand knobs are the echo, swell and sustain controls.

Closer shot of the controls an image from ebay, this tape loop could be a tad short!

View of the internal layout of the IC-300

Will add a few more pictures later.