Beer Amp Speaker Cabinets

Beer Amp 1 X 12 Speaker Cabinet

Available in any format made from best quality Baltic Birch Ply

Shown with the 20" width Beer Amp Head Cabinet. Speaker cab measurements W 51cm H 46 cm D 25.5 cm

Baffle board fitted at an angle to project the sound slightly upwards, rather than straight between the players legs!

Available in British Racing Green or Black, with any speaker of your own choice

This example has an open back for greater ambience and spread of sound. A closed back alternative giving a deeper more focused sound can be ordered if preferred.
Dual jack socket plate provided for lead in and lead out to link a second cab which can be stacked, used side by side or one either side of the stage. Stacked with the lower one closed back and top open backed would be an ideal combination.

Tough natural coloured basket weave grill cloth for durability, high strength and good acoustic transparency.
British made, great tone, built to last, light weight and easy to transport. 16, 8 or 4 ohms according to requirement.
Protective slip covers available at extra cost.

Price depending on choice of speaker.  Example prices with a  Celestion G12-M Greenback £385
Or with the light weight Neodymium Celestion Century Vintage, weighing just 1.66kg  £425

Example prices based on speaker prices at time of listing. Subject to price changes at the time of ordering.