Only Beer Amps Have Bottle!

Hand built of course by JOHN BEER as are the Watkins Dominator, Watkins Westminster & Watkins Clubman Reissue Amplifiers.

Here is an amp designed and built by John Beer, rated at about 22 watts.
The pictures speak for themselves, so I'll not waffle on too much about it, but please feel free to ask any questions.

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A traditional single channel no nonsense, built by hand guitar amplifier with Treble, Mid & Bass Controls, Reverb and Volume.

Not a Marshal/ Fender clone or copy of anything else, the Beer MP20-RH was designed and built by John Beer of Amp-Fix, who is an electronics engineer and an experienced guitarist of over five decades.  The amp head is Just 20" wide, 8" high & 8" deep and weighs in at  about 9.5kg

4, 8 & 16 Ohm speaker outputs and a footswitch socket for the reverb.

High quality Hammond Transformers. Aluminium chassis. GZ34 Rectifier. 2 x JJ 6V6 Output valves
12AX7/ ECC83 Preamp Valve, 12AT7/ ECC81Reverb driver. 12AX7/ECC83 Reverb recovery and mixer valve.
ECC81/ 12AT7 Phase inverter which can be swapped for a 12AX7/ ECC83 for more head room.

With a simple bias adjustment the Output valves can be replaced with 6L6's increasing the power output to about 40 watts.

As you can see, it's point to point wiring, the components are mounted on a turret board, handmade in the Amp-Fix workshops especially to suit the Beer Amp application.

The Green cabinet with Black front was at the request of the Customer. My preference is all green, but can be made to any available colours of your choice. Footswitch included.  Handmade slip cover is optional at extra cost.

Price under review

Matching Beer Amp speaker cabinets are available in any format.

1 x 12 or 2 x 12, Beer amp speaker cabinets are available singly or in stacking pairs with 10" or 12" speakers of your choice.

Devon band 'Stone The Crows'
using a Beer Amp (far right)

Solo featuring Matt playing
through the Beer Amp