Hi, here is a little info about me.

Name: William John Beer but to avoid confusion, I have always been known as "John".
You may well ask why, which is something I've been asked all my life and am sick of having to explain!

Ok, well here it is again, my father, grandfather and great grandfather and probably those before them were all called William, as it is or was a traditional family name for the eldest son of each generation!
It's ok but since the day I started school I've had to explain to schools, banks, insurance companies, employers, policemen etc etc etc why I'm known as John and not William as stated on my birth certificate.  As I said at the start, it was to avoid "confusion" otherwise when mother called, or shouted out the name William, or more likely Bill, we'd all turn up!
Well, my eldest son is called Adrian, to hell with tradition, there is no more name confusion in the Beer family.

Born in 1944 and at the time of writing have recently seen my seventieth birthday.
For many years I have been a self employed electronics engineer, and for the past 20 years have devoted my time to pro audio repairs and servicing.  Since becoming an old age pensioner, I gradually phased out the servicing and repair work in order to build my own brand of guitar amplifiers and the Watkins reissue amplifiers, having been granted the licenses to do so by my dear friend the late Charlie Watkins.

I have been a very bad guitarist since the age of 14, and have played in various bands, trio's, duo's and as a solo artiste since 1960 until very recently.  I occasionally still do the odd dep job and might be persuaded to do the odd solo gig for friends etc.
I hate playing to backing tracks, they have no soul and wait for no man, so therefore if you see me at a solo gig, then what you see is pretty well what you get, other than an SR16 drum machine.  It's reliable, keeps me in time, I don't have to pay it anything and it never gets pissed!  During my band days I got a bit of a reputation for my instrumentals as played by the Ventures and Shadows etc.  So only if I really have to use them I have a few backing tracks for Apache, FBI, Walk Don't Run etc.  I have several of them, but never play more than three at any one gig.

At the time of writing, I have a little collection of guitars one of which is the very first electric guitar I ever owned, a 1959 Hofner Colourama.
I have five Stratocasters of various types, a USA 52 vintage reissue Telecaster, a 1961 Burns Vibra Artist, a P bass and a dodgy Gibson 335.  I only have one acoustic and that's a nice quality 1977 Tokai, made in Japan CE400 basically a copy of a Martin D45.  It's a bit of a handful but has great tone it's loud and nice to play when you get used to its large body.

Below are a couple of mug shots and some pictures of some, but not quite all, of the bands I played in.

Click on a photo to see the enlarged version with details in the Photo Gallery.