The Watkins Westminster Reissue

Hi, I'm the new Watkins Westminster 14 watt Reissue amplifier, fully licensed and approved by w-e-m / Watkins

Built by JOHN BEER

Hand built just like the originals with real valves and point to point wiring

Fitted with a Jensen C10-R Speaker

Made as 120v for the USA and 240v for the U.K. and Europe, or as shown here with 120v - 240v selector switch

Four jack inputs, two channels. Normal with Volume and Tone, tremolo channel with Volume Tone Speed & Depth controls

Class A cathode biased EL84 output stage


The cabinet is made from top quality 9mm Baltic birch plywood from a sustainable source.

Comes with a handmade retro looking slip cover
and tremolo foot switch.
Price including cover £995

The slip cover is available separately for use with a vintage Westminster or Clubman.
Red or Blue with white piping.

Price £45