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 Fender USA Vintage Stratocaster



Fender Stratocaster S.N. 717281

From 1975/6, one of the last to have its serial number on the neck plate. The gurus tell me the neck date is the 4th day (Thursday) of the 8th week of 1976 which was the 26th February 1976  Owned by me since the mid 80's, during which time it's rarely ever been played. In superb original condition, it comes with an original late 70's style ABS case. As far as I can tell all parts are original including the three way switch. The tremolo arm not shown, is not original, it was missing when I bought the guitar.
The black pick guard and white pickup covers are all original from the transitional period of changing from white to black plastic trim.  During this period having used up the previous stock of white pick guards Fender started fitting black ones but continued to use up all the remaining stock of white pickup covers rear tremolo covers and knobs before Stratocasters finally emerged with a full set of black plastic parts.  This I've been told has since become unofficially known as the "Tuxedo" period.  The pick guard has a Fender label on the back of it bearing the guitar's serial number.   

A rare opportunity to acquire a superb unmolested classic vintage guitar. Ok it might be a bit expensive, but I think its also pretty special.


Serious and "SENSIBLE" offers only please!

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The only officially licensed  boutique handmade reissue of this icon of British music history is available in either a Golden Brown livery or Retro Blue & White. The Dansette  Red & White, unfortunately has since run out.   The Retro Blue is a 1960's remnant of genuine Rexine material of which there is a limited amount.  There will not be enough of this very rare vintage material for all of the remaining run of amplifiers unless a suitable alternative should become available.  

Link to the Dominator feature page. Watkins Dominator Reissue

Golden Brown Retro Blue Dansette Red NLA in this livery

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Quality handmade slip covers available in  Blue with White piping, suitable for the original 'V' front Watkins Dominator.


Vintage Music Man RP65

Fully working, new Celestion Classic Lead 80 speaker and grill cloth recently fitted.  A hybrid amplifier from the early 80's Leo Fender era.  Hi & Low gain inputs, Treble and Bass boost switches, Gain. Treble. Mid. Bass and Master Volume. Reverb, Phaser Depth and Speed controls. Power and standby switches, the standby having high and low power options.  Original 2 button footswitch and  still with its original valves.   £ Sold

1960-61 Burns Vibra Artist

Burns guitar, designed by Jim Burns, a respected pioneering British guitar maker.  Fantastic restored condition. cherry red see-through finish mahogany body original burns trisonic pickups, replacement bridge, and reproduction knobs of the correct type everything else is original including the Van Gent tuning machines.  Comes with a newish case for protection and storage.  Original cases for these were horrible cardboard things, but it would look great in a Selmer case.  Reluctant sale, I bought it on a whim because I had one when I was 18, basically a nostalgia trip, from which I have since recovered.

£ Sold

Original and "Iconic" Tri-Sonic pickups favoured by Brian May

Watkins Copicat units for sale.

1995 Super Shadow variable speed, 7 head unit 1 Erase, 1 Record,  5 Playback heads, 4 valves. A rare machine the last of the valve / tube Copicats in excellent condition, the last in the line of all valve Copicat machines made by Watkins w-e-m 
This one in near mint condition with no visible wear on the heads is available now £ SOLD
Only 68 of these machines were ever made.


1964 Mk2 Black and White valve Copicat serviced and in good working order and condition £550

IC- 400 Variable speed (Varispeed) serviced and in good working order but used condition.  £450

Mk4 Solid State late model in near pristine condition, new heads serviced superb machine £ SOLD

Two further Mk4 Copicats used condition, yet to be processed £

  Pictures of all these Copicat's avaliable on request, and will be shown here later. All fully Guaranteed by Amp-Fix against electrical and mechanical defects for a period of 12 months from date of purchase!
Excluding accidental damage or damage caused by misuse

Paypal + 3.5%  accepted, cheque or direct bank transfer, or even cash on collection.  email or phone for further details.

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